Friday, September 5, 2008

back in action

well im back in action!!!

If anybody wants to buy this gem email at

Friday, June 22, 2007

Bumper damage quote

Rear bumper = 220
2 bumper ends = 44
Tow bar = 250
Labour costs = 330

plus vat = 113.94

all comes to $957.94 !

I have no doubt that the insurance company would just right-off the van claiming it was not worth that amount, if they saw that quote.

So only two real options ...

1# Let them right it off, take the money and buy it back off them
2# Tell them I will do the work myself and put in a far cheaper quote

neither of these I really want to get involved in at this stage as i only have a month and a bit and all the paper work for the above will take ages.

Monday, June 18, 2007

A good wash

A good power hose down and scrub will be the first call of duty.

The damage done!

Well here's the photos of the exterior problems. They're really big so clic on them for zoom-inage.
Thankfully when I got the van I rubbed all the problem areas down and treated them with this...

which basically turns the rust back to metal. You can see brown areas around the rusted metal this is all due to treatment.

The above two pics are at the sliding door closing point. Gonna have to really give this a good scrum and rebuild a fair bit of it, then replace the rubbers. This is the second trickiest fix.

Sliding door handle needs new seals around the the turning point and a small hole filled. A repaint on the actual handle as well.

The runners down either side need a grinding and then some minor rebuilding just to flatten them out again. The foliage will obviously be removed.

This front right lower side is the trickiest piece and will need some large hole filling. Mesh and filler or maybe fibre-glass on top. The bubbling on the paint means that there is a load of rust damage underneath. This actually looks a lot worse than it is, once the area is grinded and sanded down the rebuild on top will be relatively simple compared to the fiddley angle etc.. on the sliding door seal. Just have to make sure that the whole rusted area is cleared away.

Rub down, maybe minor hole filling to smooth out.

Left Door, rub down mayb small bit of grinding and then minor hole filling.

Gave this a good rub down and proper treating with anti-rust chemical when i got the van.
Might weld a whole new metal plate on top but otherwise it will be mesh and filler.

Rub and fill.

This has potential to be a pain in the ass. I hope that this rust does not go to deep and a bit of grinding will do.... but otherwise I will have to take the whole front window out rebuild the section and replace with a new rubber seal. EEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKK!!!

These back sections need a good grinding and fair bit of rebuilding.

Rub and fill. The brown crap is just rust-water on the paint.

Just need to find a new cover for this.

Some knackers in town broke into the van by smashing the window but before they obviously tried to get the lock open by jamming something into it. Ill have to take this completely off and see if it can be fixed.

Gonna peel out the old silicone and reseal and fill in on top.

These four pics are what happened when some fecker ran into the back off me. Sitting at the lights, after bringing the van the on first long run after fixing bits in engine, and this happened. So this will be sorted by proper crash damage repair chaps and paid for by feckers insurance. You can see from the side shot how hard he ran into the back as the tow bar is really bent up and that bumper is not some new-age piece of moulded fibre its a big lump of serious metal.

So there is alot to do which all involves me sweating and cursing.

Ill post up interior photos and plans in the next couple of days.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Jamies A-Team van

Now this is a van. In Jamies own words
"you see, its simple, nostalgic, and fookin cool!!!!"

Well someone had to do it. Totally sweet, cheers Jamie.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Flaming van

Hot looking vehicle this be. This is looking like a serious contender for van paintage.

Wii tennis van

Wii tennis van with our stupid looking heads!

Could you have found a more stupid looking photo of me.... and i dont even hav a Wii controller...ggrrrrr.

Cheers Dan.